Feb. 8th, 2016

rocknrollrodeo: (The Librarian)
I am so proud of the amazing child my Tae is becoming.

She is now an exhuberant eight-year-old who is always smiling and has an excess of energy. She loves to dance and has taken after me with a love for country music, and we're starting line-dancing lessons next month.

She speaks Mandarin better than I do. And seems to keep picking up Russian phrases from somewhere.

She loves to help people and has started doing yardwork or chores for some of the older people in our neighbourhood. She always insists on buying food for the homeless with the money she earns. I'm always being told how polite she is, how well behaved. My little philanthropist.

She loves pirates and flowers (espeially daisies and daffodils) and unicorns and wolves. Her favourite colour is pastel blue.

She really is the light of my life, I'm so so proud of her and I really feel like I'm doing my job right


lots of different words come to my mind to describe myself:

asian american, woman, mother, activist, feminist, student, mentor, reader, writer, late-night-muser, chinese american daughter, east-coast inhabiting.

I am a mama, a blogger, a third generation Chinese American, and a higher education junkie.

I grew up in Acton, MA and after spending time in California, discovered that I am an east coast girl at heart. I dig sunny afternoons at the park, reading, and the night.


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