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Birthdate:Jul 19
Location:Acton, Massachusetts, United States of America
I am a 40-something woman living and working in Acton, MA with my husband and my eight-year-old daughter, Tae. I often feel like I’m a very rare, boring, species to be found on the internet – a cisgender straight woman. I am a third-generation Chinese-American, an activist for equality, a feminist, a mentor and a lifelong student. I am a night-owl, a philosopher, psychologist, a sociologist, a reader, a writer and a budding blogger.

Will I necessarily blog about any of these important ‘titles’ I give myself?
Who knows, is the answer.
But lets try and find out!

I love to read, listen to music, watch tv/movies, cook, garden and play solitaire.
I want to travel the world, but do it from the comfort of my recliner.
I am fascinated by religion, spirituality, mythology, reincarnation, magic and the human mind.
I love sunny afternoons in the park, the beaches, the night sky, cats and dreaming,
I hate wearing shoes, being told no, chipped nail varnish, snow and negativity

The site name ‘Only come to have fun’ comes from the song The House Rules by Christian Kane. The reason is two-fold. I adore Christian Kane and House Rules is one of my favourites of his songs. And also because I’m a big believer in positivity, so only come to have fun has become something of a motto of mine.

Interests (148):

alone time, angel, angels, animals, arrow verse, asian pacific american, bare feet, baseball, beaches, blogging, bones, boston, boston red sox, bowling, brad paisley, buffy the vampire slayer, candles, carrie underwood, castle, cats, charmed, chinese astrology, chocolate, christian kane, christian kane/steve carlson, christianity, christmas, clouds, coffee, cooking, country music, criminal minds, csi, cuddling, david boreanaz, dierks bentley, dreams, easter, equal rights, eric church, fairy tales, faith, family, fanfiction, fantasy, feminism, florida georgia line, flowers, friendship, gardening, god, happiness, harry potter, hawaii five-0, hearts, heterosexuality, history, honesty, hot chocolate, hugs, imagination, indiana jones, jack the ripper, jake owen, james bond, jared padalecki, jason manns, jeffrey dean morgan, jensen ackles, joss whedon, kane, keith urban, kenny chesney, kisses, krispy kreme, laughter, leverage, liberalism, libraries, life, literature, love, luke bryan, magic, marriage, massage, memories, movies, music, mythology, nashville, ncis, netflix, night, optimism, pajamas, parenting, parks, peace, pirates, positivity, pro-choice, psychology, rainbows, randomness, reading, red wine, relaxation, respect, riley smith, rizzoli & isles, romance, rps, scrabble, slash, sleeping, smiles, solitaire, starbucks, stars, steve carlson, suffragettes, summer, sunny afternoons, sunsets, sunshine, superman, supernatural, the human mind, the librarians, the life of riley, the night sky, the x-files, thomas rhett, thunderstorms, titanic, true crime, truth, unforgettable, used bookstores, volunteering, weekends, white collar, windchimes, wishes, writing, yellow, yoga
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